Yahoo Search? Bing Search? Google Search?

What search engines do you use the most and which search engines rank you the highest?

Yahoo Search? Bing Search? or Google Search?
Well this is strange to say the least. Yahoo search loves this website. Bing search engine loves this website as well. But Google has proven time and time again to be the one to get confused. Why you ask? Because Google has put so many filters in their algorithm that relevant websites don’t appear in their results any more.

Example… Do a search for “Bohol web design” in Google, Bing and Yahoo. #2 in Google #1 In Yahoo and #1 in Bing? Ok what happened to Google search?

Repeat the search for my website  “Philippines Web Design” and you will find my site on top for Yahoo and Bing But 3 pages back on Google???? Hey Google wake up! DUH!

Google search has decided that the people spending money on Google adwords is only worthy of the top postilions both paid AND ORGANIC search results.

Some search engines recognize talent…some do not, like Google. I will explain in detail.

I write about 3-5 articles a week into 150 networks to keep my clients informed of trending search and algorithm changes within the search engines.

I use this Blog and others to keep them up-to-date via Fare enough right? When i offer copied, poor or No-Content bad grammar articles, No Back link no information website trumps me in the search results in Google, i start to question Google’s algorithms. And wonder if the “Paying Websites” are ranking #1 because of how much they pay blcakhat seo or what?. This is for Organic search results as well as paid-per-click results which seem to be as lately one in the same.

Oh, Please correct me if i’m wrong but Google search seems to be getting dumber every day instead of providing relevant results for its hard working organic clients.
I will now change over to Yahoo or Bing search results for more accurate information on what really the scoop on search.
Google is a big Dumb Search engine! and getting dumber by the day!

Does Your Business Need Advertising Solutions? We Have The ANSWERS

Does Your Bohol Business Need Targeted Advertising Solutions that will last?

Lets face it, When it comes to advertising your local Bohol Business on the internet there is a “Grey” zone that separates you from your potential customer. TARGETING!
Here at Bohol Web Design, We Break through that and offer you targeted marketing based on your customer base using the most effective way of marketing in 2013 organic search!
Organic search still rules and content is king when it comes to marketing effectively through the internet portals we naw have become so familliar with, Social Networking.

Throughout this year we will se an increase in social networking trends as well as google trends and other niche market trends for 2013.

Our purpose is to help the avarage small business rise up above the corporate giants that have oodles of cash to throw into an advertising campaign.
If your business is suffering because of an out-dated website or social networking program that is anything but social then this service is for you.

Especially if you own a resort and or hotel or business in Bohol, Philippines. At over 160,000 Visit’s a month through all our Bohol related networks. We are able to give your business the reconnection it deserves.

We love to chat and help local businesses like you in Bohol Grow! so contact us today for a free no obligation conversation about how we can increase awareness about your business through smart advertising and smart networking.

Facebook new ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine

Facebook new ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine is here!

Facebook has made a major announcement about its first ever ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine at its headquarters in California yesterday!

The social network Facebook released a new search tool, Graph Search, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg described it as the “third pillar” of Facebook, alongside News Feeds and Timelines.

Graph Search, which will start launching in beta for a limited preview for U.S. audiences only and is supposed to allow users to uncover social connections between other members of the site and quickly identify which friends have been to certain places, “liked” specific topics or appeared in certain photos.

If your a Facebook user and your interested in trying Graph Search, you can sign up to join the waiting list here.


Customer Feedback and Reviews

customer-reviewsWe want to hear all about it!

Add a comment below or review to share your personal experiences with us, which will help others who are interested in our web design, search engine marketing, and niche marketing services.

Get reviews from our customers and see what we have done for them and their businesses.

If your a client..please feel free to leave a review of our services below. And thank you for choosing us to design, update, promote and market your business.


Video Search Engine Optimization – VSEO Explained

New for 2013 is Video Search Engine Optimization or VSEO.

I will attempt to explain the basic principal behind Video SEO or (VSEO) as best i can.
If you want to stay on top of the search engines, drive traffic to your website and engage your visitors then Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. Video Marketing has been a key tool in promoting businesses in the search engines today. In fact statistics have shown that more than 70% of company’s are taking advantage of Video SEO.

Below is a sample video that was VSEO that ranks high for the keywords, Bohol Web Design SEO and Hosting

You can see it ranks very high!

YouTube, Vimeo and even Facebook Video marketing is growing with each and every day that goes by and search engines, and they sometimes rank videos higher in their search results.
So you have the opportunity to rank on top of search engines with a simple video, Sounds Great Right?

Lets take a look at what makes up VSEO shall we?

What is Video SEO or (VSEO)?
Video SEO is the method of using optimized videos to promote your business online.

Ranking High in Video and Search Results:
Google and many other video hosting websites are now offering results that is a blend of not only websites but News, Images, Shopping results and yes, videos.

How to Make Your Video SEO Campaign a Total Success:
Create a clear, quality Video
SEO and Optimize your YouTube channel
Embedded your video on your site and other social networks
Promote your videos through linking and reviews
Use video metrics and reporting tools to improve your campaign effectiveness

Advantages of Video SEO VS On-site SEO:
GET First page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing with you videos!
Videos Syndicate on up to 100 video sites or more
Search engine and mobile friendly video formats
YouTube Optimization of thumbnails, description and content
Ranking, click through and ROI tracking

The Benefits of Video SEO VS On-Site SEO:
Visibility across multiple search engines
Visibility on YouTube
Improve your search engine ranking
Increase traffic and repeat visits
Target consumers by keyword
Impact your audience with an engaging videos
Gain the competitive advantage over your competition

Video SEO Facts & Stats:
Here are some stats on the marketing power of Video promotion:
38% of Google Universal Search results included video
Online videos that rank high will make up for more than 70% of all consumer Internet traffic
Recommendations from other people make up for 60% of all video clicks
There are over 1000 tweets containing YouTube links every minute
Customers exposed to your YouTube video are 400% more likely to engage your brand (Click on your Facebook page, Twitter feed or your website) and purchase products and or services from you.

So in conclusion we would like to introduce our video marketing services to you at a super low price!
Contact Us Below To Start Video Marketing with top VSEO experts today!

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Increase Your website Traffic in 2013



WE- Increase Your Website Traffic!

WE – Improve Your Visitor Experience!

WE – Turn Those Visitors Into Buyers!

But How do we do it you ask?

We are specialists in 2013 Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing through social networks!
Similar to a DR or lawyer are specialists in their fields and study for years on that subject, we are specialists on our field, Web Design and Marketing!
You would never try and fix your own teeth or fight your own case in court would you? Well why try and cut corners with something so specialized? There are over 500 factors to consider when designing and building an online brand and we study them all!
We will increase your Website Traffic will get your companies website Listed in Google’s search index In a few short days or with mass posting we can get you listed on the front page within MINUTES!
We also create Army of following fans in social networks who will re-post your business in their network so your business website will bee seen by all their friends and bring them along as well to your website.

Dear Frustrated Business Owner!

Ever wondered why your competitors website ranks so much higher than yours?

Well your not alone.
FACTS: there are over 80 million websites on the web today, with a fat new 140,000 websites that are built world wide, every single day.
The bad part is, 95% of them will fail and be abandoned after a few months. Why? Because most Business Owners can’t grasp these simple concepts.

  • 1: Organic Search Results in 2013

In order to get targeted visitors, you need to have a seasoned SEO professional behind you. Someone that studies the frequent changes in search engine algorithms and adjusts your website according to the webmaster guidelines set forth by the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.
Increase Web Traffic

  • 2: Convert Visitors to Sales

In order to earn money from your visitors, you need a 100% functional website with no dead links or script errors, theme has to be attractive and modeled in your companies type of design and easy to navigate from anywhere on the site to anywhere else on the website. This is the formula for converting traffic into “ready to buy” customers.

We have been building highly optimized, search engine friendly, visitor rich, money making websites for 12 years, and spend up to 26 hours a month studying the latest trends in marketing and the latest webmaster guidelines to keep our customers web site search engine compliant in 2012 and beyond. For some web designers, there just isn’t enough time to study, and this is where the 95% of company websites fail.

You can do like thousands of others have and choose a CHEAP $100 web design company but in the end this will just be a waste of money, time and effort.

Our Services Include:

  • Increasing traffic to your website through organic search results
  • Increase your business website’s professional appearance
  • Secure your website from hackers with the latest in website security
  • Eliminate spam from your website
  • Help you with niche marketing and branding your company
  • Social Network Setup
  • Google Places Setup
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Logo Design
  • Custom PHP and MYSQL programming
  • Custom CMS WordPress Web Design and Management

Contact us here for a free quote to Increase Your website Traffic in 2013

Web Design 2013 – Web Design & Marketing Trends in 2013

Its impossible to predict the future of web design and marketing, But this is my prediction for 2013 and for for web design and marketing within this era.

We will have to look at the whole history behind web design (going back up to 12 years of trends) and marketing before we make a decision on what trends will be popping up in the future in 2013.
The world of web design and marketing is changing fast, we all know that!
Without the right tools and the right team behind your business, to predict the upcoming trends for you, your shooting in the dark with a blindfold on when it comes to marketing.
There are curtain tools for looking at past trends and then looking at future trends to predict whats to come, and we have the inside scoop.

With technology advancing at leaps and bounds we can see why this using of past trends becomes so important to anyone wanting to market a business or market products on the internet anywhere around the world.

Hiring an experienced Web Design team to integrate your social networks into your website, we would think that we would be would be your first choice.

Keeping this in mind, we have to rely on complicated programs with ultra smart computers to calculate the “Trends To Come in 2013”.
In 2013, We now have access to all this valuable marketing and trend information at our fingertips thanks to Petabytes of data that we can easily search and compare to past trends.

So in conclusion:

Bohol Web Design and Marketing keeps up with all the latest trends of world wide search using this unique query system of finding your perfect niche market through trend research.
Contact Us Today For A Totally Free, No Obligation Quote on Getting Your Business ON- LINE and ready for 2013!