Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices

Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices is needed because everyone nowadays are using mobile devices to surf the web and its growing at an astronomical pace.

So why is Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices so important? Unfortunately, allot of the web designs are not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile devices are often have different display sizes and require a unique approach to how content is laid out on the mobile or tablet screen.
Mobile Friendly web sites Bohol Responsive Web Design
There is a multitude of different screen sizes across phones, tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs etc. Mobile screen sizes are constantly changing, so it’s important that your web site design can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future.

Bohol Web Design Builds Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites!

Our responsive web sites are designed to be accessible across all devices regardless of screen size.
From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops, put your site in the palm of everyone’s hand with responsive web design.
Responsive web design ensures your site is fully functional across various screen sizes and devices.
All sites designed and developed at Bohol Web Design are responsive and tested across the latest browsers and devices.

Make your site responsive and reach your visitors on all of their devices.

Bohol Web Design offers an extensive portfolio of responsive sites including but not limited to hotel and resort, eCommerce, directory sites, marketing websites, and so forth. We have over 20 years experience in designing and developing responsive sites and can help you with the following:

  • Redesign your site to provide a mobile-friendly experience
  • Overhaul entire site to become responsive

Responsive sites are easy for visitors to navigate and easy for web administrators to update.

  • When your site is responsive, you’ll update your site in one place and the content will be available on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Because Google prefers to index a single site, your site rankings will benefit from having the same URLs and page content.
  • Your visitors will have a consistent experience visiting your site across all of their devices and your authors will only have to publish a single version of content.

We Use High Performance Mobile Technology for Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices

High Performance Mobile Technology is critical for mobile designs. Website speed and size has a massive impact on bounce rates and conversion rates: over half of smartphone users expect websites to load in under four seconds.
Thats why we have created Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices, fast and flexible websites that perform consistently across devices. Specializing in the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, Bohol Web Design is well versed in popular responsive frameworks like Bootstrap CSS3.

Click Here to Contact Us Today to get a mobile friendly website that works and looks great in any and all screen sizes.

time vs money for web design

How Much Should a Website Cost? FIND OUT HERE!

A friend friend of mine asked me what I’d charge to set up a website for his resort business and How Much Should a Website Cost?

Since i was so busy, I told him i didn’t have time to build one for him at the moment, and told him to simply search the net and make some inquires for rates.

So my friend sent inquiries to several designers and developers, expecting a lot of work for very small budget.
He got very frustrated when he didn’t get many responses and the ones he did get were way over priced for his budget.

“Are these people crazy?” he asked. “All these people want a lot more money than I’m willing to pay!”
My response to him was “You Get What You Pay For”.

What Is Your business Worth? And is it worth paying extra for a great looking, high ranking website?

Bargain shopping is great if you need a camera, cloths or a car, but not when you need a professional website or service, it just doesn’t work that way.

Lets say you need hip replacement surgery, would you A) bargain shop for the best price? or B) would you get the best Dr to do it right regardless of the cost?

After helping hundreds of businesses to create their websites, I’ve done and seen a lot.

The value of designers or developers goes beyond just the design of the website.

Their experiences, technical skills, and broad product knowledge can help you.

  • Avoid hidden technical and financial pitfalls; and
  • Choose the right solution for your budget level, technical level, and how much time you are prepared to commit.

If you are looking for a web design price chart for everything that has to do with building a website and getting it to RANK HIGH IN THE SEARCH ENGINES, there are plenty of resources scattered all over the internet.

How Much Should a Website Cost is Asking the wrong question!

How much a website should cost is a very generic question, it lacks a lot of specifics.

It’s the same as if I were to ask you how much should a car cost? Uh, well, can you be more specific?
What type of car do you want? – Does it need to be gas efficient? – What do you use it for? – What is your budget?

You can quickly see “how much does a car cost?” is actually quite a pretty complex question.
Just like budgeting for a car, the cost of a website is different to different people because everyone values the concept of “cost” in different ways.

For example, if you are a busy resort owner that has 50 things you have to do daily. You might value your time over money.
You would probably want to pay a little more to get things done right and on time.

For others that have all the time in the world to learn to code and do graphics, seo, database programming, hosting, security updates, troubleshooting etc, they may think they are overpaying for my services.
But when it comes to me, it’s a very fair price to pay.

Simply put, the cost of building your website boils down to 4 resources:

  • Time
  • Technical knowledge (or your interest to learn to code)
  • Design skills (or your willingness to learn design)
  • Money

So how you budget for your website, you should take into consideration:

  • How much time you are prepared to commit to learning web design;
  • How much money you are prepared to invest into hiring a professional webmaster; and
  • The missed opportunity costs of being able to use your time on higher valued business or personal things.
Mobile Friendly web design for hotels

8 Reasons Your Hotel Needs Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology

Your Hotel Needs Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology!

Mobile Friendly web design for hotels
If you dont incorporate Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology into your hotel website, your loosing a lot of bookings and here are 8 reasons why.
Mobile friendly website design is so important in an industry where it’s impossible to hold back or ignore the flood of mobile online booking trends.
Most hotels know the only way to profit is to have a professional, attractive, and fully-mobile friendly online presence.

Introducing Mobile Friendly Direct Booking For Hotels!

Many hotel and resort owners spend a lot of time and money trying to build their own websites, most all are not experienced web designers and set themselves up for total failure.

Attempting to build your own website without the necessary skill or qualifications will result in a broken website, while hiring a professional web designer will take a lot less time and will often times make you a lot more money in DIRECT bookings in the long run.

Bohol Web Design is an instant hotel and resort web design solution!

Bohol Web Design offers a smart and intuitive website for your hotel and editor that is available 7 days a week for updating specials and promos and even updating room rates for seasonal changes. We also can have your new mobile friendly hotel website up and running and ready to accept direct bookings in under 7 days.
Mobile Friendly web sites bohol
1. All the work is already done for you
The process of us building your website with WordPress CMS requires minimal time from your side.
Bohol Web Design team of experts use custom templates and use your existing information and images to kick-start the website.

2. Bohol Web Design is friends with Google Search, Google Places for business and Google+

Bohol Web Design team has been designing with SEO in mind, guaranteeing all the fundamentals are covered including:

  • Clean, well-structured HTML and CSS
  • Unique pages, titles, and descriptions
  • Submitted sitemap in Google webmaster tools for correct indexing by search engines
  • Mobile Friendly and custom tailored booking forms

This type of optimization will ensure your website comes up on the top of search engine rankings, meaning more people will be looking at you as an accommodation option, placing you above your competition.

(Click here to learn more about SEO.)

3. The latest mobile friendly booking forms are covered
Most reports in recent times show technology gaining more prominence in the hotel industry and mobile use starting to envelop the entire marketing landscape.
We not only ahead of the curve on website design but we specifically build sites to offer hassle free booking, functioning perfectly on any mobile device.
People can visit your website on a mobile phone or tablet without any issues, increasing your chances of direct bookings.

4. Websites designed for more direct bookings
Guests can’t book via mobile if your website isn’t integrated with a functioning online booking form. We seamlessly incorporate book now buttons throughout your website. This makes it easier for people to book direct saving you up to 20% on bookings because there will be no agency fees.

5. Your hotel’s website design is unique
With a huge selection of mobile friendly templates available, incorporated with your hotel’s specific images, features, and content means you can be sure your site will stand out and be very attractive.

6. We us the top content management system (CMS) WordPress
Your website is not just a placeholder for your basic information and images, it should be a place for more exciting and sophisticated promotion purposes.
In addition to us building a beautiful website for your hotel, WordPress is also an award winning content management system.

We can craft custom blog posts or custom content pages, embed videos, change your logo and images at any time, make tabs for promos and giveaways, and use it for any other content-driven goal you can think of.

Remember, this is important for SEO because search engines like Google will rate fresh content a lot higher than old stale content.

7. We help you to understand your hotel guests
Your websites integration with Google Webmaster Tools allows you to find out more about your sites visitors and allows us to track and adjust the website accordingly for maximum exposure in the search engines.
Track how and when people are accessing your content, what pages are generating the most traffic, and what booking and search trends are hot on the market.
The more information you have about your guests needs, the more control and power you have over your hotel business.

8. Use your new website to attract and convert international travelers to bookings
We build multilingual websites that can be easily translated into over 52 different languages, websites available in many languages attract more international guests.
We also offer currency converters, this means overseas guests can book easily without the confusion of trying to figure out the price in their local currencies. Making the booking process painless.
mobile friendly hotel web design services
With our website design services, you will NEVER have to pay flat monthly fees, pay fees for each booking or pay for updating/editing your website EVER!.
As long as you register your domain with us and use our hosting services for a flat fee of 4000 PHP per year! That’s all!

Social Marketing Automation

How the Philippines Hotel & Resort Industry is Using Social Media

Sorry to say, but very few Resorts and Hotels DO NOT realize the importance of Social Media Marketing as their revenue cash cow.

Social Networking Services
Truth is, when it comes to business owners in Bohol, or the Philippines, Advertising their business its mostly ignored and IT departments are spending more time on Facebook and other social networks, Socializing with their significant other and not realizing that they are MISSING OUT on drawing in potential customers.

Most resorts and hotels, even small businesses have failed to recognize that social media marketing and having a “UP TO DATE” FULLY FUNCTIONAL (mom and pop broken website on Facebook or weebly doesn’t count) Website and established domain, as well as an accurate listing on Google Maps means so much to travelers wanting to find information about the WHERE TO STAY AND WHAT ATTRACTIONS THERE ARE HERE.

Most businesses should have some sort of social media page. With this, your promotional events and specials get a high rate of return for your resort or hotel. This kind of social networking takes some time and effort, and the expense of not networking on social networks is huge when you consider the costs of empty rooms. When promoting local business on social networks, everybody wins!

We offer customized Social Media Management Services, customized content creation and we write research-supported social media content for your business. We save you the time and hassle of creating content by researching what your customers want to hear about and implementing those concepts on social media for you daily. We know what, when and how to post on social media networks for the most effective reach.

Interested in this service? Contact us for making your business more accessible on social networks in order to save you time and money.

Mobile Web Design

How do i get a website?

how do i get a website?

The question that’s always asked is how do i get a website?

Anyone with a marketing idea can get a Web site. A simple Web site costs about 10PHP per day to maintain and update. This means that there are many people with great website ideas out there getting tired of dealing with over priced web designers that promise the world and deliver little. Web sites can reach out to a gigantic world-wide audience instantly! at no other time could you reach so many customers world wide for so little money and effort.

That said we move on to the real question How do i get a website?

We have used to register domains for years and am very happy with the cost and support.

This is where you would start (registering your domain) then hosting comes into play. You will need a place to “Host” your files called a web server. After you register your domain we offer free web hosting for 1 year (3,500PHP per year after that for a 150MB account with free updates and support INCLUDED!).

The next thing to do is to write your content for the pages. If you cant think of what content you want you can hire us to write content for you that will be keyword rich as well as correct spelling,  punctuation and grammar which is now a grand determining factor in the new internet search engines are now being used such as Panda from Google.

If you want to get a website you can contact us at or


Philippines travel supermarket

Philippines travel supermarketever wondered where the Philippines travel supermarket was?
Well there are plenty of Philippines travel supermarkets out there to choose from.
But where exactly are these Philippines travel supermarkets?
Well here in the Philippines we have constructed a travel supermarket website that offers incredible deals on cheap flights, hotel and resort bargains and tours package deals Philippine wide. Just so you don’t waste your time searching all over on different web sites looking for the best Travel Vacations in the Philippines.

We offer a total booking and linking system to book directly to the hotel or resort saving you money, rent a motorcycle, jet ski, island hopping, extreme thrill rides, hiking and camping, so you have more time to relax and enjoy your Philippines Vacation. A complete travel supermarket website promoting the Philippines for great discounts on travel in the Philippines. See a complete list of great places to stay and the information to keep you coming back for more.

Travel and Tours in the Philippines.

If your interested in advertising your Bohol Philippines hotel(s) or resort(s) with us, contact us.


Webmaster vs. Web Developer vs. Web Designer Whats the Difference?

When trying to choose between hiring a Webmaster, Web Developer or Web Designer it can get a little confusing.

Here is some insights to make the proper choice when hiring someone to produce your website the way you want it.

There is a big difference in the job descriptions and duties of a web designer, a web developer and a webmaster, but the average person gets them confused.
Web designers know just enough to get by on the back end programming side and web developers usually just do the design work, while a webmaster is knowledgeable about all aspects of web design, seo and marketing. So who to hire? A Webmaster vs. Web Developer vs. Web Designer?

A web designer designs the web site and that’s it.

Web Designers are basically graphic designers. They should have a creative and artistic background and be strong in visual and graphics. A web designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the site, including the photos, color, font type and size, graphics, and layout.

A web developer programs the back end of a website for functionality.

Most web developers do not have experience in design work, and that is not their primary function. The developer’s job is knowing how to write the proper css, html, php or mysql code and how to tie it all together including forms and other elements of the website. In other words, the web developer is in charge of the functionality of the website.

A webmaster is knowledgeable in all the aspects mentioned above plus SEO and Web Marketing.

A webmaster (from web and master) also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. The duties of the webmaster may include seo, sem as well as ensuring that the web servers are operating correctly, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, SEO testing, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site. As a general rule, professional webmasters “must also be well-versed in Web transaction software, payment-processing software, and security software as well as being experts in marketing and social networking.

Now that you know the general responsibilities of a web designer, a web developer and webmaster, you will likely have additional questions, so ask away!

Google+ business marketing services

Google+ Social Media Platform for Business Advertising

Are you using Google+ as a Social Media Platform for your Business Advertising?

For small businesses, social media advertising can be time consuming and frustrating.
Learn about using Google+ as a Social Media Platform for your Business Advertising and why it will work best for your small business in this guide.
Major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are effective ways to advertise your Business online.
But Google+ has the advantage over these networks as studies have shown.

Have you created a niche for business on Google+?
Part of building a strong Google+ community of people who are interested in purchasing your products or services on Google+ is forming alliances with groups or those that have similar interests, to but not the same as yours.

Google+ posts are getting indexed in Google Search and are not as crowded as other social media platforms, and that means it’s easier for you to establish yourself as the authority in your niche. It’s your authority status that makes you valuable to your customers and lets you advertise specials and promos as well as events that you bay want to get the word out about.

If your wondering how Google+ can help your business and customer base, please contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can help market your business and services on Google+ effectively! We would be glad to help!


Using hashtags – what are the top Top Hashtags

How do I use hashtags?

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook as well as Stumbleupon and Google+ Timeline or Page. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post. For example:

I just saw the cutest puppy! #dogs

When you click a hashtag, you’ll see a feed of posts that include that hashtag. You may also see some related hashtags at the top of the page.

Please keep in mind:

A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces
You can include numbers in a hashtag, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) won’t work
You can search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any page
You’ll only see posts that were shared with you

Learn more about who can see your posts when you use hashtags.

Note: The hashtag feature isn’t available to everyone right now.

Pinterest cinematic pins

Cinematic Pins from Pinterest

Pinterest Calls “cinematic pins,” the ads that play short animations when a user scrolls up or down the page, to reveal a slightly longer version of the video.

Pinterest cinematic pins
Enjoy a NEW visual bookmarking tool called Cinematic Pins from Pinterest that helps you discover and save creative Video content on Pinterest.
For those that are new to Pinterest, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. Get inspired to share things you love with decoration ideas, duct-tape and a little creative thought. Pinterest is based in San Francisco, CA. and has 3993119 Facebook likes plus 32521 people talking about this on Facebook. Basically Cinematic Pins from Pinterest is a way to Discover and save creative ideas for cooking, travel, home improvement and more! Bohol Web Design is very active on Pinterest. Check us out on Pinterest here.

Cinematic Pins from Pinterest are New Promoted Pin options that are sweeping the Pinterest community and for good reason.
They look great and they offer more user friendly rich content, something Google Loves.

If your not familiar with Cinematic Pins take a look for your self and discover a new way to search and share information with friends and family…
Please leave your comments below and dont forget to share this on Pinterest.