Pinterest cinematic pins

Cinematic Pins from Pinterest

Pinterest Calls “cinematic pins,” the ads that play short animations when a user scrolls up or down the page, to reveal a slightly longer version of the video.

Pinterest cinematic pins
Enjoy a NEW visual bookmarking tool called Cinematic Pins from Pinterest that helps you discover and save creative Video content on Pinterest.
For those that are new to Pinterest, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. Get inspired to share things you love with decoration ideas, duct-tape and a little creative thought. Pinterest is based in San Francisco, CA. and has 3993119 Facebook likes plus 32521 people talking about this on Facebook. Basically Cinematic Pins from Pinterest is a way to Discover and save creative ideas for cooking, travel, home improvement and more! Bohol Web Design is very active on Pinterest. Check us out on Pinterest here.

Cinematic Pins from Pinterest are New Promoted Pin options that are sweeping the Pinterest community and for good reason.
They look great and they offer more user friendly rich content, something Google Loves.

If your not familiar with Cinematic Pins take a look for your self and discover a new way to search and share information with friends and family…
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Get Your Website Ready for Googles Mobile Update

Get a Mobile Friendly Website TODAY!

Google’s new Algorithm Formula won’t affect searches on desktop and laptop computers, it will have a huge influence on how and where people spend their money, given that more people are relying on their smartphones to compare hotel and resort prices and look for restaurants.
This is why Google’s new rating system is so important to get your website ready for mobile.

Most of the resort and hotel websites here in Bohol are going to be in for a big surprise when they find a drastic change in the amount of people visiting them from mobile devices.

It’s probably the most significant change that Google Search has ever made to its mobile search rankings, are you prepared?

If your looking to get your site mobile friendly for the big change then contact us! We can help you convert your existing business website in to a mobile friendly site the the new Google Mobile Search will just love!

Yahoo-Directory closed

Yahoo Directory Officially Closed After 20 Years

The Yahoo Directory Closed After 20 Years? WOW, is Yahoo really in trouble?

Yahoo also said they will officially close the directory on December 31. Instead, it’s closed five days early. There’s been no blog post about the change, and given the errors, it’s likely that work will continue and culminate in an official post on the last day of this month.
Yahoo-Directory closed
Yahoo hardly gave the Yahoo Directory the send-off it deserved, when the news of the closure was first announced, buried as the third item in a post called “Progress Report: Continued Product Focus.” they obviously didn’t care.

The closing of the Yahoo Directory probably isn’t going to have a huge impact on many people except in the Philippines where they use Yahoo A lot, but what that
represents for the Internet is more significant. It represents the true end of an old era (even if that era has unofficially been dead for years).
What are your thoughts about the Yahoo Directory Officially Closed After 20 Years?


To Outsource or not to Outsource

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Why you should never hire a company that outsources your work to another company. Just because you can outsource a task doesn’t mean you should.
Ok, your ready to start that website you have always wanted. You find a company that says “Sure We Will Build Your Website For You” and sends it to some other country to get it built. Who in their right mind would do this? Allot of people and big corporations, that’s who. You as the customer, will end up paying $2,500 to $5,000 for a $45 job without knowing it. Sad right? Not really, this could have been avoided by hiring a Web Designer or Webmaster directly.

And when you have problems or issues with your “Outsourced Project” now you have to go through 2 different companies which will take allot longer than going through one person.

Another huge disadvantage of outsourcing is the risk of losing extremely private data to thieves 12,000 miles away and the loss of confidentiality.

It is important to follow up on the company that outsourced your work to another company simply for profit with little or no accusal work, to make sure they dont just sell the job to some far away place that most (Not All) are high school or lower students trying to make website.

In addition, Losing management control of business functions means that you may no longer be able to control operations and deliverable activities that you outsource.
Serious problems with quality (Like Bad Grammar, misspelled words, broken code, spam etc) can arise if the outsourcing provider doesn’t have proper knowledge of your business and/ or is inexperienced in working in an outsourcing relationship.

Since the third party outsourcing provider may work with many other customers at once, they might not give your project 100% of the time and attention needed for a single company. This results in flaws, delays and inaccuracies in the work provided.

Also, hidden costs and legal problems may arise if the outsourcing terms and conditions are not clearly defined.

Risks like bankruptcy and financial loss cannot be controlled when dealing with a company you dont even know about.
Not understanding the culture and ability of the outsourcing provider and the location where the company you hired to outsource your project will lead to poor communication and lower productivity.

Though outsourcing has its share of advantages and disadvantages, the many headaches that outsourcing brings far outweigh its advantages.

This is why you should never hire a company that outsources to another company! Outsourcing to a third party = poor quality & non-scalable product. Period. End of story.

Google Cloud for WordPress – Google Web Hosting for WordPress

Latest News…

Google Cloud for WordPress Google Web Hosting for WordPress

Running WordPress in App Engine

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install WordPress, how to to test it with AppEngine on your local development environment, and how to deploy a simple WordPress installation to the Cloud Platform. This tutorial assumes you are already reasonably comfortable deploying PHP applications to App Engine, and comfortable working with WordPress and MySQL in other environments.


Before beginning this tutorial, please make sure you have completed the following steps.

  • You should have downloaded and installed the Google App Engine for PHP SDK for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux as well as PHP 5.4 with php-cgi
  • You should have installed a local copy of MySQL 5 in your development environment
  • You should have created a Cloud Console project, and have enabled billing on the project (this is necessary to create a Cloud SQL instance)

This tutorial will also assume you know the following file paths. As these can vary depending on how you installed the SDK, they may be specific to your environment.

  • APP_ENGINE_SDK_PATH – This is the path to the App Engine SDK you have installed on your development environment
  • YOUR_PROJECT_ID – This is the Project ID of the Cloud Console project you created. A project ID typically contains lowercase characters and dashes (-) but not uppercase characters or spaces.

Reference: Google Cloud for WordPress – Google Web Hosting for WordPress

We’ve been very impressed with the performance of Google Cloud Storage. Because it’s built on Google’s infrastructure, storage objects are cached within Google’s global network and distributed globally without the need for a Content Distribution Network (CDN). This ensures content is delivered with the best possible performance.‎
Oct 22, 2013 – WordPress-To-Cloud solution makes it possible for WordPress blogs to store all their data like pages, images, files in Amazon S3 or Google.
WordPress To Google Cloud WordPress Plugin

Bohol tourism hits all time high

Recently the Department of Tourism in Bohol presented the island-paradise as “A focus destination”. This past April at the Ballroom One of the Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China.

Leading in pitching Bohol as the heart of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan was Atty Lucas Nunag, president of the Bohol Tourism Council.

Bohol’s economic boom makes the demand for power huge- with Ayala and a Bicol power-group both eyeing hydro-electric power plants in the interior towns of the province.

Any other proof that Bohol has gone 180 degrees upwards economically could be gleaned from its deposits which soared to P20.5-Billion in 2013 (now possible over P21-Billion) with an annual growth of P1.5 Billion. That puts Bohol second biggest province in deposits right next right to Cebu in the Visayas (for the most deposits) – topping Negros Oriental, Leyte, Samar and Siquijor. Bohol has 30 banks with 67 branches with four banks with at least a billion pesos in deposits each.

Bohol tourism hits all time high, But the flagship industry remains to be tourism – thus the DOT efforts to court the 100-Million potential tourists at Beijing, China recently.

If you dont have a website and a marketing plan in place for your resort or hotel in Bohol then we can help!
Need a website that impresses your visitors? Bohol Web design is an award-winning web design and marketing company. We focus on getting direct bookings to your hotel or resort to save you money through proven marketing techniques that work.
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Yahoo Search? Bing Search? Google Search?

What search engines do you use the most and which search engines rank you the highest?

Yahoo Search? Bing Search? or Google Search?
Well this is strange to say the least. Yahoo search loves this website. Bing search engine loves this website as well. But Google has proven time and time again to be the one to get confused. Why you ask? Because Google has put so many filters in their algorithm that relevant websites don’t appear in their results any more.

Example… Do a search for “Bohol web design” in Google, Bing and Yahoo. #2 in Google #1 In Yahoo and #1 in Bing? Ok what happened to Google search?

Repeat the search for my website  “Philippines Web Design” and you will find my site on top for Yahoo and Bing But 3 pages back on Google???? Hey Google wake up! DUH!

Google search has decided that the people spending money on Google adwords is only worthy of the top postilions both paid AND ORGANIC search results.

Some search engines recognize talent…some do not, like Google. I will explain in detail.

I write about 3-5 articles a week into 150 networks to keep my clients informed of trending search and algorithm changes within the search engines.

I use this Blog and others to keep them up-to-date via Fare enough right? When i offer copied, poor or No-Content bad grammar articles, No Back link no information website trumps me in the search results in Google, i start to question Google’s algorithms. And wonder if the “Paying Websites” are ranking #1 because of how much they pay blcakhat seo or what?. This is for Organic search results as well as paid-per-click results which seem to be as lately one in the same.

Oh, Please correct me if i’m wrong but Google search seems to be getting dumber every day instead of providing relevant results for its hard working organic clients.
I will now change over to Yahoo or Bing search results for more accurate information on what really the scoop on search.
Google is a big Dumb Search engine! and getting dumber by the day!

Does Your Business Need Advertising Solutions? We Have The ANSWERS

Does Your Bohol Business Need Targeted Advertising Solutions that will last?

Lets face it, When it comes to advertising your local Bohol Business on the internet there is a “Grey” zone that separates you from your potential customer. TARGETING!
Here at Bohol Web Design, We Break through that and offer you targeted marketing based on your customer base using the most effective way of marketing in 2013 organic search!
Organic search still rules and content is king when it comes to marketing effectively through the internet portals we naw have become so familliar with, Social Networking.

Throughout this year we will se an increase in social networking trends as well as google trends and other niche market trends for 2013.

Our purpose is to help the avarage small business rise up above the corporate giants that have oodles of cash to throw into an advertising campaign.
If your business is suffering because of an out-dated website or social networking program that is anything but social then this service is for you.

Especially if you own a resort and or hotel or business in Bohol, Philippines. At over 160,000 Visit’s a month through all our Bohol related networks. We are able to give your business the reconnection it deserves.

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Facebook new ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine

Facebook new ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine is here!

Facebook has made a major announcement about its first ever ‘Graph Search’ Search Engine at its headquarters in California yesterday!

The social network Facebook released a new search tool, Graph Search, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg described it as the “third pillar” of Facebook, alongside News Feeds and Timelines.

Graph Search, which will start launching in beta for a limited preview for U.S. audiences only and is supposed to allow users to uncover social connections between other members of the site and quickly identify which friends have been to certain places, “liked” specific topics or appeared in certain photos.

If your a Facebook user and your interested in trying Graph Search, you can sign up to join the waiting list here.


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