Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices

Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices is needed because everyone nowadays are using mobile devices to surf the web and its growing at an astronomical pace.

So why is Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices so important? Unfortunately, allot of the web designs are not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile devices are often have different display sizes and require a unique approach to how content is laid out on the mobile or tablet screen.
Mobile Friendly web sites Bohol Responsive Web Design
There is a multitude of different screen sizes across phones, tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs etc. Mobile screen sizes are constantly changing, so it’s important that your web site design can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future.

Bohol Web Design Builds Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites!

Our responsive web sites are designed to be accessible across all devices regardless of screen size.
From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops, put your site in the palm of everyone’s hand with responsive web design.
Responsive web design ensures your site is fully functional across various screen sizes and devices.
All sites designed and developed at Bohol Web Design are responsive and tested across the latest browsers and devices.

Make your site responsive and reach your visitors on all of their devices.

Bohol Web Design offers an extensive portfolio of responsive sites including but not limited to hotel and resort, eCommerce, directory sites, marketing websites, and so forth. We have over 20 years experience in designing and developing responsive sites and can help you with the following:

  • Redesign your site to provide a mobile-friendly experience
  • Overhaul entire site to become responsive

Responsive sites are easy for visitors to navigate and easy for web administrators to update.

  • When your site is responsive, you’ll update your site in one place and the content will be available on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Because Google prefers to index a single site, your site rankings will benefit from having the same URLs and page content.
  • Your visitors will have a consistent experience visiting your site across all of their devices and your authors will only have to publish a single version of content.

We Use High Performance Mobile Technology for Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices

High Performance Mobile Technology is critical for mobile designs. Website speed and size has a massive impact on bounce rates and conversion rates: over half of smartphone users expect websites to load in under four seconds.
Thats why we have created Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices, fast and flexible websites that perform consistently across devices. Specializing in the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, Bohol Web Design is well versed in popular responsive frameworks like Bootstrap CSS3.

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Mobile Friendly web design for hotels

8 Reasons Your Hotel Needs Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology

Your Hotel Needs Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology!

Mobile Friendly web design for hotels
If you dont incorporate Mobile Friendly Direct Booking Technology into your hotel website, your loosing a lot of bookings and here are 8 reasons why.
Mobile friendly website design is so important in an industry where it’s impossible to hold back or ignore the flood of mobile online booking trends.
Most hotels know the only way to profit is to have a professional, attractive, and fully-mobile friendly online presence.

Introducing Mobile Friendly Direct Booking For Hotels!

Many hotel and resort owners spend a lot of time and money trying to build their own websites, most all are not experienced web designers and set themselves up for total failure.

Attempting to build your own website without the necessary skill or qualifications will result in a broken website, while hiring a professional web designer will take a lot less time and will often times make you a lot more money in DIRECT bookings in the long run.

Bohol Web Design is an instant hotel and resort web design solution!

Bohol Web Design offers a smart and intuitive website for your hotel and editor that is available 7 days a week for updating specials and promos and even updating room rates for seasonal changes. We also can have your new mobile friendly hotel website up and running and ready to accept direct bookings in under 7 days.
Mobile Friendly web sites bohol
1. All the work is already done for you
The process of us building your website with WordPress CMS requires minimal time from your side.
Bohol Web Design team of experts use custom templates and use your existing information and images to kick-start the website.

2. Bohol Web Design is friends with Google Search, Google Places for business and Google+

Bohol Web Design team has been designing with SEO in mind, guaranteeing all the fundamentals are covered including:

  • Clean, well-structured HTML and CSS
  • Unique pages, titles, and descriptions
  • Submitted sitemap in Google webmaster tools for correct indexing by search engines
  • Mobile Friendly and custom tailored booking forms

This type of optimization will ensure your website comes up on the top of search engine rankings, meaning more people will be looking at you as an accommodation option, placing you above your competition.

(Click here to learn more about SEO.)

3. The latest mobile friendly booking forms are covered
Most reports in recent times show technology gaining more prominence in the hotel industry and mobile use starting to envelop the entire marketing landscape.
We not only ahead of the curve on website design but we specifically build sites to offer hassle free booking, functioning perfectly on any mobile device.
People can visit your website on a mobile phone or tablet without any issues, increasing your chances of direct bookings.

4. Websites designed for more direct bookings
Guests can’t book via mobile if your website isn’t integrated with a functioning online booking form. We seamlessly incorporate book now buttons throughout your website. This makes it easier for people to book direct saving you up to 20% on bookings because there will be no agency fees.

5. Your hotel’s website design is unique
With a huge selection of mobile friendly templates available, incorporated with your hotel’s specific images, features, and content means you can be sure your site will stand out and be very attractive.

6. We us the top content management system (CMS) WordPress
Your website is not just a placeholder for your basic information and images, it should be a place for more exciting and sophisticated promotion purposes.
In addition to us building a beautiful website for your hotel, WordPress is also an award winning content management system.

We can craft custom blog posts or custom content pages, embed videos, change your logo and images at any time, make tabs for promos and giveaways, and use it for any other content-driven goal you can think of.

Remember, this is important for SEO because search engines like Google will rate fresh content a lot higher than old stale content.

7. We help you to understand your hotel guests
Your websites integration with Google Webmaster Tools allows you to find out more about your sites visitors and allows us to track and adjust the website accordingly for maximum exposure in the search engines.
Track how and when people are accessing your content, what pages are generating the most traffic, and what booking and search trends are hot on the market.
The more information you have about your guests needs, the more control and power you have over your hotel business.

8. Use your new website to attract and convert international travelers to bookings
We build multilingual websites that can be easily translated into over 52 different languages, websites available in many languages attract more international guests.
We also offer currency converters, this means overseas guests can book easily without the confusion of trying to figure out the price in their local currencies. Making the booking process painless.
mobile friendly hotel web design services
With our website design services, you will NEVER have to pay flat monthly fees, pay fees for each booking or pay for updating/editing your website EVER!.
As long as you register your domain with us and use our hosting services for a flat fee of 4000 PHP per year! That’s all!

Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design – How Not Having a Mobile Website will affect the FUTURE of your Business

Cell Phones have come a long way in the last 10 years. The Future of Mobile Web Design Is HERE!

Now we are able to browse the net, answer our emails and even upload our favorite videos and photos strait from our mobile phones and tablets.
Which brings us to Mobile Web Design and what you need to know to avoid loosing valuable present and future customers with some simple tips from the pros.

We are really excited to now be able to offer a totally new service of Mobile Web Design and mobile web configuration for our customers.

As your web design company we always stay ahead of the market when it comes to evolving into a new generation of Mobile Design and Mobile Apps.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly yet we can help!
By offering you and your customers with more user flexibility using mobile web technology and the latest mobile apps that are hitting the mobile market as we speak.
Your user experience will be a “Cut Above The Rest!”

Contact us below for for all your mobile website design and development needs.
We specialize in designing websites for multiple mobile devices, all designs are supported with all brands of tablets and all brands of mobile phones.

Contact us today to find out how to get ready for today’s and tomorrows mobile internet market.

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Hire a Webmaster/web designer or Design my Website Myself?

The problem with building your own website is not knowing the webmaster ropes!
Your looking at instant internet failure!

This happens when anyone that doesn’t have the proper skills to properly design and market a website, so you have to ask yourself Do I build it myself? Or Hire a Webmaster?

Lets take a look at pros and cons of building it yourself vs hiring a webmaster.

1. Time vs Cost

The first thing to think about is how much is your time worth as a business owner? If the answer is more than it costs to learn basic html, css and web design and implement a website (which would take about 3-6 months) depending on your learning curve, then it would not be worth the hassle.

2. Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you hire a professional webmaster, it takes your business to the next level of “set it and forget it” let the webmaster handle everything from design, coding in your favorite social networks with custom backgrounds, setting up the domain and hosting, setting up the email accounts and completely filling out all the information for you, keeping track of updates and backing up your website regularly incase of a hacker attack. All these things the webmaster does will allow you to concentrate on what you do best to make money and run your business.

3. Communication

A good webmaster will always be in constant communication with you and coming up with new ideas to market your BRAND! If you tried to do this yourself, not only would it would take longer for you to do it as your probably not an expert with social networks and how to effectively use them.

4. Branding and Niche Marketing

Niche and branding is essential for growth of your business. A business owner would probably not be interested in spending hours on the computer for days trying to “Get His Brand Out”.

5. The look and Feel of a website…

More importantly the look and feel of your website will be greatly enhanced using a professional webmaster rather than attempting to do the graphics in paint 🙁 .

6. Webmaster VS Web Designer..Whats the difference?

The biggest mistake people make is when they hire a web designer
Folks, A webmaster knows every aspect of the “Internet” as a whole. Strong in skills like Graphic Design, PHP, SQL, CMS, HTML, CSS as well as social networking skills incorporating SEO as leverage to rank high in the search engines niche consulting you name it he knows it all.
A web designer on the other hand will only be proficient in code and development but NOT SEO or Marketing which is the foundation for success on the NET.

In Conclusion

When it comes to doing it yourself vs hiring a webmaster, you have to think “Will i study Auto Repair to repair my car?” or Study Dentistry to fix my own teeth? then why not hire a professional?
Whatever you decide, consider the entire project as a whole. The most important thing to keep in mind is making a solid decision that will make sense for you and your businesses online presence!
Doing it yourself is a great way to save money but it’s only worth it if you know what you’re doing, and most don’t. So in the end what matters is that your end product can be found easily in the search engines, Properly setup, is pleasing to the eye and the site converts into sales.

Would you build your own website? Or Hire a Webmaster/Web designer?

Please leave your comments below

WordPress web design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design and Web Development

WordPress Web Design is in high demand now! We design, develop and manage WordPress websites. WordPress was traditionally a blog system, but now it’s become a full simple CMS-like system!

WordPress web designWe love to work with WordPress. It’s perfect for the many types of small business or any organization that wants to easily edit their own website. The website blog is powered by WordPress.

We offer Custom Web Design for anyone wanting to edit their own custom web site easily.

Our prices for a Custom WordPress blog including free domain and hosting for up to 1 year starts at 999$

Our WordPress Web Designs include the following Web Design Services:

Custom WordPress Web Design and Web Development

All starting at 999$


  • Custom Designed WordPress package Includes:
  • Custom Made Design with your choice of colors
  • Search engine submission, up to 10 major search engines Foreign and domestic.
  • Targeted researched SEO, W3C proper tagging and coding
  • Up to 5 social networks created, customized and integrated
  • Free Tracking & Hit counter
  • Up to 10 plug-ins Configured
  • Up to 50 link backs including link exchange marketing.
  • Page design up to 10 pages!
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet Friendly!
  • For A Limited Time – 1 Year FREE HOSTING!

ALL THIS FOR JUST $999 COMPLETE! – regular price $2,500

If you have a business, any kind of business and your your interested in increasing your revenue and customer base CONTACT US HERE!
After your web site is complete, you will easily be able to make changes and updates yourself to your new website. Everything from writing news articles, uploading photos, adding pages, changing prices, or adding gallery’s to your website. This can be done quickly and easily through the one admin panel and no special software is required.

WordPress is highly customizable and works seamlessly with online shops, e-newsletters, photo galleries, video galleries, Twitter feeds and more…

My WordPress Sites are also optimized for Google Yahoo Bing and many other search engines assuring you high rankings in all search engines.

WordPress is also PDA compatible which means that your customers can easily see your site in any Cell Phone or IPhone. This is a great platform to generate loads of traffic to your site with little effort.